Vital Ways Institute Health Coaching Certification
“Completing the Foundations course with Vital Ways brought me community, resilience, perspective, support, and so much trust! I honestly didn’t know how the class was going to go when the pandemic began, and the first Zoom class we all had together was so affirming that it was the course for me. Each member of the faculty that taught throughout the year, was so inspiring to learn from.Thank you Vital
Abbie, Class of 2020

Herbalist Certificate Programs

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Do you want to learn holistic herbalism to be able to use the healing power of plants?

You can become a skilled herbalist and healer, for yourself, your loved ones or for a new career in healing in our programs.

Vital Ways offers four Holistic Herbalist Certificate Programs For People of All Skill Levels

Our courses can be taken individually, or as part of the 4 year Holistic Clinical Herbalist sequence.

Our Herbalist Certificate programs offer something for just about everyone; from complete beginners wanting to learn the foundational holistic herbalism and natural health to help themselves and their loved ones, to those who want to make herbalism and holistic health a career, to those already in practice who want to improve, deepen and broaden their skills.

Each course is hands-on, experiential, community based, and taught by some of the most sought after educators in the country.

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“To me, the Vital Ways Course meant learning the the ways to vitality. It provides a structure on how to achieve vital health in a holistic approach, and I find that absolutely beautiful. I love making medicine at home, helping people with acute concerns, and building a deeper relationship with Earth’s natural remedies. “

Sam, Class of 2020

At Vital Ways we believe that feeling healthy, vibrant, energized, and centered is a person’s natural state. And we’ve seen that even if someone has gotten seemingly far away from that natural state, and considers it unattainable or even unimaginable, when they are empowered with the right guidance, knowledge, skills and support, they can make significant progress on their path to vibrant health.

The Vital Ways Mission is to guide others on their path to healing and vibrant health with the healing power of nature, including Medicinal Herbs, Food as Medicine, and Holistic Lifestyle, for whole person healing in Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Vital Ways Vision is fueled by the current global crisis and what it highlights. We believe that now more than ever, we can collectively see just how much work there is for conscious people to do across many fields, including health. We see this as an incredible opportunity to establish new and better ways of healing that begin at the local level to reclaim our health sovereignty and be empowered to take care of ourselves and our communities naturally.

An Herbalist in Every Home: We envision a time when every household has people who know essential holistic herbal knowledge to be empowered to be able to take care of themselves.

A Community Herbalist in Every Town: We also envision a time when people have access to more advanced community herbalists to help them address even more complicated health conditions when they arise.

Vital Ways is a community of students, educators, graduates, patrons, and clients. We have numerous opportunities, classes and programs for you to learn, grow, heal and connect with like minded inspiring people.

If you feel called to be a part of this movement, we welcome you to connect and join our community of healers, visionaries, luminaries and changemakers.

“Vital Ways has been the most positively impactful program in my educational pursuits in nutrition, herbalism and wellness with each year adding another deep and important layer to my knowledge and skills. It has provided me with the ability to use herbs and nutrition with a methodology and structure to help clients with confidence. It has been invaluable and I can’t recommend it highly enough”

Vital Ways Health Coach certificate ProgramFarrah

At Vital Ways, we believe that healthcare is an essential human right and should be accessible and affordable to all.

Our Community Free Clinic, staffed by our highly competent and well trained 3rd year Student Practitioners, and supervised by our experienced clinic faculty, is our contribution to making healthcare accessible to everyone. Our Free Clinic offers complete holistic health consultations at no charge to those who are trying to improve their health and/or are dealing with a chronic, complex condition. Our Student Practitioners meet their clients where they are on their journey to health, with empathy, compassion, and integrity. To learn more click below.

Free Clinic Information
Vital Ways Health Coach

“I’m so incredibly thankful for the guidance that I received at the Free Clinic.  I’d already seen naturopaths, acupunturists, and 3 doctors yet none of them offered me the help, guidance and results that I got from Vital Ways.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much as no one had been able to help before, but I feel so much better now, and can’t thank Vital Ways enough for their wisdom, and care that gave me my health back.”

Ellie, Clinic Client

“The Vital Ways Apothecary is a place I come to when I’m feeling as if I need a health recharge.  Just talking with staff is a healing experience, and while a lot of herb stores sell herbs, this one shares healing.  I don’t even buy anything a lot of the time, but I leave having direction, resources and clarity about what I came in for.  I can’t explain what a powerful health resource this place really is. I’m so thankful to Vital Ways for the healing they provide.”

Darrel, Apothecary Client


Our Apothecary is much more than a medicinal herb and supplement retailer. In our Apothecary, each staff person, is a clinical herbalist, or student, whose sole mission is to share healing, not sell products. Its just as likely that a patron will leave with new resources, and health guidance, as they will having purchased herbs.

The Apothecary features the now famous 5-minute clinical intake where you can receive a free herbal, nutritional and stress management consultation to facilitate your path to vibrant health. To learn more, click here.