Advanced Herbalist Certificate Course

If you’ve had at least 1 year of herbal training and are called to immerse yourself in the deeper study of holistic herbalism, with more in-depth, advanced techniques, to become an even more confident and effective healer, then this class is right for you.

In the Advanced Holistic Herbalist Training, your skills deepen and you become able to competently and effectively empower people to use herbs combined with right choices, to heal from conditions that you once thought were too complicated or beyond your abilities.

The Herbalism Knowledge, and Holistic Healing Strategies that you’ll learn here, combine for a highly effective healing approach, that will enable you to be the healer that you envision yourself being.

You are guided on this journey by nationally renowned educators along with a great community of like minded people.

This class prepares you for entry into the 3rd year Clinical Practicum at the Vital Ways Free Community Clinic.

Vital Ways Health Coach Certification Program

“Vital Ways has been the most positively impactful program in my educational pursuits in nutrition, herbalism and wellness with each year adding another deep and important layer to my knowledge and skills. It has provided me with the ability to use herbs and nutrition with a methodology and structure to help clients with confidence. It has been invaluable and I can’t recommend it highly enough”

Vital Ways Health Coach certificate ProgramFarrah

The Vital Ways Advanced Course Community Healer’s Journey Highlights:

In this program you learn a life-changing comprehensive healer’s skillset, that can jettison your practice, and bring enormous healing to yourself and those around you.

What makes the Advanced Program a truly one-of-kind Herbal Healer’s offering is that in addition to providing you with personal guidance from caring instructors who actually want you to learn, and ensuring that all students have a hands-on herbal experience by providing all the herbs, is the way that we integrate all of healing into one effective method of practice.

Herbal Approach

In this program, you learn traditional herbalism from the Ancient Wisdom Traditions including European, and Native American, as well as from systems like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda integrated into the most modern, cutting-edge perspectives from science and clinical practice.


To be an effective healer in modern times you know that its essential to understand how food impacts health. In this program you learn an advanced functional, entire nutritional approach that transcends the typical pitfalls of modern food ideologies. Our body-positive nutrition curriculum is the most advanced and effective nutrition curriculum of any similar offering in the country, and yet is easily incorporated into your herbal practice

Holism: The Essence of Whole Person Healing

Herbalism is most effective when its included in a whole person approach to healing. In this way you learn how to work with each aspect of a person life, from environmental toxicity, to mental-emotional health, to history, trauma and lifestyle.

With this complete skillset, herbal and holistic, you feel competent and confident as you address even the most complex chronic conditions with the healing power of nature.


‘Studying at the Vital Ways Institute has been one of the most transformational and empowering decisions of my life. The information provided creates the framework for living a healthy, thriving, vital life. Chris organized complex material in an easy-to-learn way.  I now feel confident in my ability to deeply understand the patterns of disease and how a holistic herbal approach to healing can truly change lives.  Personally, I  integrated the information to heal myself from Lyme disease. Thanks to Vital Ways, I am now symptom free and deeply devoted to the path of the healer.’


Vital Method of Healing Practice

When you learn healing with us, you don’t just learn a collection of remedies and approaches, but instead you learn how to do the entire process of healing from initial contact to assessing cases to providing remedies and guiding complexities of health. The Vital Method that you learn here unlocks the mysteries of health and imbalance, and provides a clear roadmap to healing. You’ll be able to apply it to yourself, and your loved ones, or if you want to practice herbalism, you’ll find it to be an invaluable skill.

All that we teach is what verified in our own clinical experience.

All that you learn here, from herbs, to nutrition, to method of healing is based on what we’ve seen work in our clinical practices. Our faculty are experienced clinicians, medicine makers, and educators who are passionate about teaching with integrity. The successful techniques, ideas and approaches that you learn in this class, derived from our practical experience, is often, only something that you can learn here.

So, if you want to become an effective healer, for yourself or for a new career we welcome you to apply now, or reach out to talk more about the program.


Topics of Study

  • Medicinal Plants: Traditional and time honored European, Asian and Native American herbal medicine combined with cutting edge modern scientific and state of the art clinical understanding of medicinal plants.

  • Holistic Approaches to Chronic Conditions: Herbal and Nutritional protocols for the most commonly seen conditions.

  • Clinical Nutrition: Advanced applied Food as Medicine for the modern practitioner; nutrition for specific conditions, individual requirements, and advanced health optimization.

  • Clinical Practitioner Skills: Complete practice skills, techniques and process from first contact to follow-up.

  • Mind-Body Medicine: Techniques and strategies for deep and lasting mental-emotional healing, to balance mind, body and spirit.

  • Holistic evaluation skills: Tongue, pulse, reading the body, interview technique and understanding labs for the holistic clinical herbalist.

  • Business Skills: Developing an herbal business, branding, attracting, and retaining clients, and business collaboration.

Vital Ways is a Proud Member School
of the American Herbalist Guild

The only professional organization of Herbalists in the United States.  All of our students can become student student members of the Guild and all of our coursework counts towards the requirements for professional membership which confers upon its members the ability to use AHG after their names.

“Learning from Vital Ways deepened my understanding of holistic health, healing plants and nutrition in ways that I didn’t even know existed. And it gave me a sense of connection and fostered deep personal growth and personal healing. I couldn’t be more thankful for my time here, in this amazing community”

Laurie, Herbalist

Now Registering for 2022

1 weekend per month for 9 months

2022 Dates

March 25-27

April 22-24

May 20-22

June 27-29

July 25-27

August 12-14

September 9-11

October 21-23

November 11-13


Foundation or Roots Holistic Herbalist Training Programs or Equivalent.


$3100 All Inclusive

*All Materials, Handouts and Herbs


About Vital Ways

Vital Ways is a national leader in truly Holistic Herbalism Education, Traditional and Modern Herbal Scholarship.

The mission enacted in our School, Free Clinic and Apothecary is to guide and empower our students, clients and community to learn how to heal themselves naturally, with affordable and accessible herbs, food as medicine, and holistic health essentials, to achieve a deep, lasting, vibrant state of health.

In our 1-4 year Holistic Herbalism Certificate Training School we have been honored to have guided over 700 people in the past 12 years on how to effectively use traditional herbalism, nutrition and progressive holistic health for a one of kind healing approach.

Our highly experienced faculty are some of the most sought after educators in the country for a reason. Their experience and passion for teaching is unmatched.

Our programs have flexible schedules to fit modern people’s busy lives, and are priced to fit most budgets with several payment options available.

Vital Ways Institute is much more than just a School, Store and Free Clinic, its a healing community of like-minded students, faculty, staff, and alumni who all share a love of healing, and learning trustworthy and effective holistic herbalism to help ourselves, our loved ones and the community heal. If you feel the call, then we invite you to join our community on this amazing journey.

Our Location

We are located in the very lively NE Alberta Arts district at 2714 NE Alberta Street, surrounded by food, art galleries, cute unique shops, coffee houses and true Portland culture.