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Community Classes:

We offer many dynamic and exciting short and medium length evening and weekend classes for the community on a wide array of herbalism, nutrition and holistic health topics such as mushroom hunting, coping with a chronic disease, wild fermentation, stress reduction, dealing with IBS, medicine making, biofeedback training, and many more. To learn more, click here. Sign up for class notifications here, and see our calendar here.

Class Announcements

Vital Kitchen: Food as Medicine

It’s now obvious that proper food choices are among the most important decisions that you can make to support the health of yourself, your loved ones and anyone you are trying to help.    The way we eat each day is based on slowly changing habits that we’ve established over the course of our lives.  When we invest energy intelligently, purposely and consciously to shift our patterns to better support vital foods in our lives, then it soon becomes automatic and only as effortful as our current way of eating in most cases.   This recurring class teaches fundamentals of healthy nutrition and guides you toward implementing easy changes to drastically improve your nutrition and your health.

Fat Adaptation Ketogenic Diet:

The Ketogenic Diet was the single most googled diet in 2016.  The benefits of this way of eating are extensive and profound.   It’s a primary effective therapeutic approach to a host of modern conditions, by some successful professionals for Alzheimer’s, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and is one of the best tools for weight management.  Depending on one’s health goals, it can be life changing.  However, like many things that quickly gain in popularity, there is a large amount of misinformation from both proponents and detractors alike. Looking for good information can be the research equivalent of trying to juggle water.

This class aims to teach you the details of the how, what, pitfalls and benefits of this way of 3 eating.  Understanding the details and benefits can empower you to know if this way of eating is right for you.  In this recurring class, you are guided through the process of fat adaptation so you can experience the differences for yourself.  Inquire for more details and about the next class start date.

Vital Mind:

Clarity, sharp memory, emotional balance, mental focus and quick problem solving are the signs of a Vital Mind. Too frequently people accept impaired cognitive function as a normal part of aging and brain fog, or declining mental function as just something that happens.

In this class, we’ll explore ways to improve mental functioning including nutrition, herbs, supplements and lifestyle.  Many people who use these concepts, herbs and nutrients report not only an increase the above categories but also in the general feeling of improved health.  This is a recurring class.  Inquire for more details and about the next class start date.

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