Would you like to connect with inspiring, supportive, like-minded people who also value healthy living?

So, you are thinking you may want to connect with like-minded people who value
being healthy for support and inspiration? Thinking about the following questions may give you some more insight into if Vital Ways offers opportunities to provide you with what you’re looking for.

  • Do you want to be healthier but feel as if its challenging without people in your life who are supportive?

  • Do you want inspiration from people who are motivated to make healthy life choices just like you?

  • Would you like to share ideas about how to be healthy in our modern world, and guide and learn from a community of similarly interested people?

  • Do you ever think that you want to live more naturally and be more health conscious, without being considered weird, judged or ostracized for making healthy choices?

  • Do you want to spend time with people that you can inspire to be more healthy and vital?

  • Would you find it valuable to brainstorm about healthy nutrition and cooking techniques, start a food buying club, swap healthy veggie seeds, share healthy shopping tips and recipes with others?

At Vital Ways, we have many ways to connect with health conscious, inspiring, dynamic and welcoming people:

  • 1. Our very well respected, comprehensive Holistic Clinical Herbal Training has trained students from many backgrounds including Chinese Medicine, Massage, Naturopathy, Energy Work, Nutrition, Herbalism, and many more to broaden and enhance their abilities to practice effectively. Our school teaches students a complete method of medicine as well as details of evaluation, therapeutics and much more in a flexible way, with schedules that are perfect for even busy professionals. Click here for more information about our School.

  • 2. Our Community Education Center has many dynamic and inspiring evening and weekend community classes on a variety of natural health topics including herbalism, cardiovascular health, stress management, digestive intensives, and much more.
    Click here for more information about our public classes

  • 3. Our Apothecary is a great place to discuss and learn about holistic health, and get herbs and supplements specifically put together for you or your clients from qualified professionals. Click here for more information about our Apothecary.