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Vital Ways is a 1-4 year Holistic Clinical Herbalist Certificate School

Free Community Health Clinic

and Active Public Herbal Apothecary.

At Vital Ways Institute,

our mission is to guide you to learning how to heal yourself and others naturally in mind, body and spirit, with the healing power of nature including herbalism, food as medicine, and holistic lifestyle.  

We believe that we’d be a healthier, and more resilient community if there was an herbalist in every home, and community herbalists in every town.  We think that an essential feature of a vibrant community is to have access to natural healing and healers, who are skilled in using the local, free, abundant medicine that surrounds them. 

And as the current time shows, we are in more dire need of Herbalists in Every Home, and Community Medicine Holders than ever.

So at Vital Ways Institute our primary mission is to be a Healer’s Training Institute.

In our 1-to 4 year herbalist certificate programs, our students don’t just learn about healing plants, or hear us talk about plants, they personally learn the skill of healing, and form deep relationships to each remedy that is based in traditional wisdom, cutting-edge perspectives and is grounded in personal, hands-on experience with the plants that we provide, even for online students.

At Vital Ways, you can become a powerful catalyst to transform lives with the healing power of nature

And we guide you personally, with a community of like-minded people, in every step of the way.

All of Our Classes Are:

Hands-On and Experiential: Herbalism and healing are living medicine and must be experienced. So, we ensure that you are using all the herbs that we’re teaching whether we’re online or in person. We mail herbs to all online students.

Live, whether we’re in person or online, and recorded, for later viewing.

Taught by Passionate and Caring Instructors who want you to learn, grow and thrive as a healer, and guide you personally.  

Community Based: Your educational experience is a shared journey, where we all learn from one-another and you develop class connections to amazing like-minded people.

Vital Ways Institute is a proud member school of the American Herbalists Guild, the only professional organization of herbalists in the United States.  We provide students with all of the academic qualifications to apply for Professional Membership.

Covid 19 Update

We are not just open for business during this crisis, we’re actually expanding what we do to rise up to meet the current challenge. 

We see that the current global crisis presents an incredible opportunity to establish new and better ways of healing at the local level to reclaim our health sovereignty and be empowered to take care of ourselves and our communities naturally. 

We believe that right now, perhaps more than ever, it is essential to share holistic herbalism to support a grassroots healer’s movement  that can lead to a profound community resilience.

So we are continually and passionately at work evolving our Herbalist Certificate Training, Free Clinic Work, and Apothecary and embrace this new reality and the possibilities.   

If you want to join us and contribute to being part of this movement, then we’d love to hear from you



Hands-on, Flexible, Affordable, Comprehensive. Online, In-Person,  and Recorded


 for those with no prior experience.

In Either Course You’ll Learn:

  • Traditional Herbal Wisdom From the Ancient Healers Integrated with Cutting-Edge Modern Holistic Herbalism 

  • Plant Identification and Wildcrafting

  • Essentials of  Body-Positive Nutrition

  • Holistic Evaluation, Tongue and Pulse Evaluation, and Practice Skills including how to run your own herbal business. 

  • Native American Herbalism and Ethnobotany

  • And much more!

Each can be taken as stand alone courses or as part of the multi-year Holistic Clinical Herbalist Program.

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Advanced Holistic Herbalist Certificate Program

The Advanced Holistic Herbalist Certificate Program at Vital Ways is for students who have at least one year of formal holistic herbalism study, and would like to expand, evolve and deepen their abilities and skills with advanced study of:

  • Advanced Herbal Healing, Including Expanded Knowledge of More Plants, and Advanced Medicine Making Skills

  • Holistic Physiology and Pathophysiology

  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols and Practices

  • Complete Clinical Practice Skills from Interview to Protocol

  • Business Skills For the Holistic Herbalist


Free Community Clinic Practicum

Clinic Practicum Students perform all the tasks of a Clinical Herbalist in our Free Clinic, under the supervision of our clinical faculty, including:

Our 3rd and 4th year Holistic Herbalist Clinic Practicum is for graduates of our Advanced Program.

  • Perform Clinical Interviews with Clients in our Free Clinic

  • Analyze Cases, Nutrition, and Health History

  • Develop Herbal, Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle Protocols

  • Research Health Topics, and engage in knowledge sharing with peers, and faculty

  • Empower and support clients to overcome challenges and achieve transformational health change


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Vital Ways Health Coach

Community Classes:

We have shorter evening and weekend classes for the public taught by our expert faculty on a wide range of topics including:

  • Herbalism

  • Nutrition

  • Field Walks, Wild Mushrooming and Plant ID

  • Specific Healing Topics including Gut Health, Stress, and Detoxification

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Introducing the New

Vital Ways Health Coaching Program


To Become a Health Coach at Vital Ways Institute you combine your training the 1st and 2nd year courses with Apothecary shifts where you take on clients to gain real world experience helping people transform their lives.  You know how important your health is to your life. It literally forms the basis for all that you do, from how you feel moment to moment, to how you show up for those you love, and for how you are able to accomplish your goals and dreams.  With the Vital Ways Health Coach Certificate, you combine your knowledge of healing, with an extensive coaching skillset practiced in a guided, mentored practicum in order to develop the ability to help others thrive.

And as Health Coaching now is recognized in the mainstream world, of healthcare and industry, health can work for others in a more expanded capacity.  Please feel free to reach out to find out more.

*Update for January 2021
Our Health Coaching Program is currently on Hold, due to the statewide regulations on meeting in person.

We look forward to when we can resume this important class and will provide updates as things change.

We are the only health coaching program that offers health strategies and practice skills finely honed from over 10 years of extensive clinical experience guiding students to help real people with complex presentations.   

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Vital Ways Health Coach Certification Program