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Vital Ways is a 1-4 year Holistic Clinical Herbalist Certificate School, Free Community Health Clinic, and Active Community Herbal Apothecary.

Vital Ways Institute can empower you to skilfully use holistic herbalism to be able to heal yourself, your loved ones and your community.  Our certificate training and health coaching programs teach you how to understand not just the remedies that grow wild right outside your door, but also the practice skills that you can use to help both straightforward and complex health issues.  Our training is a constantly evolving high level healers training, finely honed from over 10 years of extensive effective clinical practice. 

Vital Ways Institute provides students with all of the academic qualifications to apply for Professional Membership in the American Herbalist Guild, the only National Professional Organization of Herbalists in the United States

Classes We Offer in 2021

You Can Become an Herbalist in 2021!

Hands-on, Flexible, Affordable, Comprehensive. Online, In-Person,  and Recorded

Beginner Herbalist Training

Vital Ways has two programs for those who are new to holistic herbalism:

Topics Covered in Each Course:

  • Herbal Medicine from Traditional and Modern Perspectives

  • Plant Identification and Wildcrafting

  • Foundations of Nutrition

  • Holistic Evaluation, Tongue and Pulse Evaluation

  • Ethnobotany

  • And much more!

Each can be taken as stand alone courses or as part of the multi-year Holistic Clinical Herbalist Program.

Vital Ways School

Advanced Herbalist Certificate

The Advanced Holistic Herbalist Certificate Program at Vital Ways is for students who have at least one year of formal holistic herbalism study, and would like to expand, evolve and deepen their abilities and skills with advanced study of:

  • Advanced Herbalism

  • Holistic Physiology and Pathophysiology

  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols and Practices

  • Complete Clinical Practice Skills from Interview to Protocol

  • Business Skills For the Holistic Herbalist



Introducing the NEW Vital Ways Health Coach Certification Program


You know how important your health is to your life. It literally forms the basis for all that you do, from how you feel moment to moment, to how you show up for those you love, and for how you are able to accomplish your goals and dreams.  What if you could develop powerful healing skills and wisdom to dramatically improve your own health and use that ability and experience to make a sustainable living as you sharing it with your community?


We are the only health coaching program that offers health strategies and practice skills finely honed from over 10 years of extensive clinical experience guiding students to help real people with complex presentations.   

This holistic approach combined with our experience has led to tremendously positive results, for our students, alumni, and their clients who are experiencing profound and lasting change from the inside out.

Vital Ways Health Coach Certification Program

“Vital Ways teaches the bigger picture of health and filled the gaps that were missing in my traditional training of nursing and medicine”

Vital Ways School for Holistic Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, Health Coach Certification ProgramsKathryn, Nurse

Clinic Practicum Training

Our 3rd and 4th year Holistic Herbalist Clinic Practicum is for graduates of our Advanced Program.

Clinic Practicum Students perform all the tasks of a Clinical Herbalist in our Free Clinic, under the supervision of our clinical faculty, including:

  • Perform Clinical Interviews with Clients in our Free Clinic

  • Analyze Cases, Nutrition, and Health History

  • Develop Herbal, Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle Protocols

  • Research Health Topics, and engage in knowledge sharing with peers, and faculty

  • Empower and support clients to overcome challenges and achieve transformational health change


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Vital Ways Health Coach

Community Classes:

We have shorter weekend classes for the public taught by our expert faculty on a wide range of topics including:

  • Herbalism

  • Holistic lifestyle

  • Nutrition

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