About Christopher Smaka

Christopher is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways Institute and has been a lover of nature since birth, and a researcher of holistic health and nature since 1986. He believes that humans have incredible potential to thrive even in the modern world by living more closely aligned with nature's wisdom, and using Healing Herbs, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset approaches.
12 09, 2021

Mushrooms of Oregon Forests


As the spiraling of our earth around a distant enormous ball of fiery hydrogen occurs, and the tilt of our orb's axis reduces the angle of the illumination, and therefore heat, temperature, [...]

Mushrooms of Oregon Forests2021-12-23T23:22:20+00:00
20 05, 2020

Covid-19 Update May 17, 2020


Covid-19 Update As Oregon and other states begin to open up, with herd immunity now the goal, and flattening the curve rightfully heading to background, we are continually monitoring, and staying updated [...]

Covid-19 Update May 17, 20202020-05-20T20:35:53+00:00
14 04, 2020

Video-Learn to Identify Cleavers


You are surrounded by wild healing plants. By being empowered to identify, harvest and use wild plants, you can take back your health future. See our video below. To learn more, join [...]

Video-Learn to Identify Cleavers2020-04-14T15:42:42+00:00
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