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About Christopher Smaka

Christopher is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways Institute and has been a lover of nature since birth, and a researcher of nature since 1986. He believes that humans have incredibly potential to be healthy and thrive even in the modern world. The main causes for disease and health, are found in a concept he developed, called the Vital 5, History,Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset.
1 03, 2019

Food as Medicine


Want vibrant health but don’t want to deny yourself tasty food to get it? Our nutrition blog highlights how to eat for flavor and health with simple to understand trustworthy guidelines. [...]

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1 03, 2019

Free Herbal Medicine In Your Yard


Free and bountiful medicinal herbs grow right outside your door. Want to be empowered to know the herbal medicine that’s growing in your yard, then check out the latest Free Herbs [...]

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6 02, 2019

Vital Ways Wisdom


Vital Ways Blog Center for Holistic Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition and Mind-Body Medicine Heal. Evolve. Share. Exploring the ways we can encourage ourselves to [...]

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