At Vital Ways, we believe that health care is a right, not a privilege.

And too often now, even when available, health care is expensive, less effective than desired and can be the cause of other issues.

And unfortunately, holistic healthcare, herbalism, nutrition, and mind-body medicine are often even more out of reach for the average person.

In response to this reality, we established the Vital Ways Community Free Clinic in 2012 to offer 100% free and effective Holistic Herbal Health Consultations.

This is our way of rising up to meet a community need, and enacting a core principle at Vital Ways, which is to ensure accessibility to health care for all, regardless of background, or resources.

At our Community Free Clinic we offer comprehensive holistic consultations that include:

  • Complete Health History Review, including labs.
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Consultation-*Now doing Telehealth Consultations
  • Holistic Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Personalized Protocol Design, Goal Establishment
  • Guidance, Support and Follow-up

Vital Ways is a nationally renowned leader in truly holistic herbalism and our method of healing is a truly one-of-kind approach to whole person health.

Clinic Details:

Practitioners: Our 3rd and 4th year Holistic Herbalism Student-Clinicians are the lead practitioners at our Free Community Clinic. They are supervised in all their activities, from consultations to assessments, goal and objective guidance to follow-ups by our clinic faculty.

Conditions Addressed: Our Free Clinic is very unique in that it focuses solely on chronic condition care.

With the escalating epidemic of chronic disease, we believe that this is the greatest service that we can offer.

Our Approach: Holistic-Combines traditional herbalism, and the cutting edge of modern science. It is evidence-based, and validated in our extensive clinical training.

Interventions: Herbalism, nutrition, mind-body healing, and much more to ensure we are addressing the whole person, root cause and all factors related to health.

Vital Ways Health Coach

Specifics of Clinical Practicum Training:

For Potential Students: In this supervised training you gain invaluable clinical training, mentorship and practice in all aspects of clinical herbalism, as you serve the public in an incredibly important capacity.

Student-Clinicians are responsible performing all the tasks of a clinical practitioner. You will engage in all client contacts, health and nutrition review, client interviews, case evaluation and protocol, and guiding, supporting and educating roles.

In addition to clinic work, you also collaborate with peers on their cases, and participate in live round-table with faculty to discuss cases. Roundtable is one of the most powerful examples of the benefit of collaboration of advanced practitioners.

The Vital Ways Method taught and practiced in our Free Clinic is a cutting edge client-centered approach that is rooted in traditional wisdom, integrated into the most modern supportive client care, and includes components such as motivational interviewing, and leading strategies from nutritional and behavior change experts.

We see that helping others on their path to healing is an extremely important responsibility and treat each client in the most professional, respectful and courteous manner.

Each student-practitioner is required to adhere to our codes of professionalism, clinical practice, and conduct befitting the position and the responsibility.


Successful completion of 2 years of advanced clinical preparation training at Vital Ways Institute or an equivalency.

To enquire if the Clinic-Practicum is right for you, please send us an email with your qualifications, and a personal mission and vision statement and one of our advisors will contact soon.

Vital Ways Health Coach