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That universal human response to challenge has reached a new level of significance with the happenings of this wild time.

This incredibly challenging time has ushered in a new era of stress where we’re now experiencing  an epidemic of stress-based illness with many more surely to come.

The effects of this dramatically increased stress level have received hardly any press by our mainstream, for-profit focused media, but you know them the effects of unresolved stress-Everything from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and overwhelm are obvious results of stress, and you probably know that stress is very frequently a causative and resultant factor in the most deadly and chronic disease of modern times-Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes,  Autoimmunity, Chronic Digestive issues, and Fatigue.  And tragically its not even being discussed as a prime causative factor in immune system suppression that lowers our resistance to infections like the nasty one that is making all the news.

Fortunately for us, stress is not new, and there is much more to the stress story than what you’re being told. 

People have always experienced stress.  The ancient healers as incredibly skilled holistic practitioners who understood the wisdom of nature, passed down their healing gifts and techniques that they discovered would transform their patient’s stress.

To see an in-depth discuss of a powerful and transformative view of how stress is a necessary stimulus to evolution experienced by all organisms, then see our blog here:

We evolved not in spite of stress, but because of it

And stress, though interpreted as solely harmful is a powerful stimulus to transformation, when its not in excess, and you’re supported by lifestyle, perspective and healing herbs.

The remedies that they used are what we now call Adaptogens and Nervines.

As current events highlight, the need for each of us to develop more empowered self-care is more important than ever, and the need for those trained in natural remedies is also higher than ever.

You may have heard about some of these remedies, as they’ve gotten into the news in recent years, including Ginseng, the most revered herb in all of China, and Ashwagandha that was used by ancient yogis to reach higher states of consciousness, and Cordyceps, the zombie caterpillar fungus, that gave Chinese 0lympians enough edge to win gold, when the experts didn’t have them likely to win anything.   And one of our favorites, the Reishi mushroom, shown in the picture to the right, revered by the ancient Taoists and called the mushroom of immortality for its supposed benefits of conferring healthy and extending life.


All adaptogens are for stress,

but each adaptogen is as different as the manifestations of stress itself.  So, knowing the differences in each, such as Rhodiola is stimulating to the mind, while Gotu Kola is expansive and calming to the mind, helps us choose from among them. 

This class will discuss the key features of each of these amazing remedies so you can know how to choose the right one for you, and for those people you are trying to help.


This in-depth adaptogenic deep dive, as well as the nervine deep dive class is integrated with mind-body  with the essential holistic vital mind balance skills learned from ancient and modern sources, including ways to know how to identify your stress response and how to work with it, not against it.

journey into understanding how you transmute your stress not to suppress it, or cover it, but to understand exactly where you want to be in th e recognizing  the difference between challenge and overwhelm that forms the basis for living with stress as an ally, or as an enemy


In addition to the 3 hour live class, you’ll also receive for free:

1) The Vital Ways Institute Stress and Adaptogens Tool that will guide you to choosing herbs and lifestyle adaptations.


2) Complete unlimited access to the full video recording of the class for two months.

Reserve your spot and begin your journey of transforming your health with nature’s wisdom by clicking below:


Part 1: $49. Transform Stress with Adaptogens Now-Join Here

Part 2:  $49. Transform Stress with Nervines

Part 1 and 2: $65. Full MasterClass, Stress, Transformation and Evolution, Nervines and Adaptogens


Your Instructor for this journey is Vital Ways Director,

Christopher Smaka, who has been a passionate researcher and practitioner of mind-body medicine and has studied the effects of stress and the mind-body relationship from a Western perspective in his university studies, and as a psychiatric social worker and from an Eastern perspective in his studies of the ancient healing practices of both India, and China.

His cutting edge perspective on integrating the best of traditional wisdom with modern science has created a truly unique approach to healing that is effective, actionable and easily learnable, even to those new to the herbalism, stress and mind-body medicine.