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Are you one of the many people who have made sincere efforts to improve your health but still deal with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, joint aches, digestive issues, skin concerns, and other stubborn symptoms?  Have you gotten little support from the mainstream or complementary medical system who tried to put you on a medication or encouraged you to spend thousands on tests that didn’t help? It’s quite possible that toxicity may be a significant contributor to the way you feel and by addressing it, you can go a long way into achieving your health goals.

It wasn’t that long ago, that the term ‘Toxicity’ was vague and ill-defined and ‘Toxins’ were being blamed for pretty much everything from fatigue, to a flat tire, to hurricanes.  But today, as American’s health is facing more challenges than ever, toxicity research is advancing rapidly and the clinical picture of what toxicity is, how to identify it, and address it, is becoming clearer each day.  We at Vital Ways are at the forefront of this synthesis of clinical, personal and scientific toxicity advancements, and are offering this class to dispel the myths, and encourage health empowerment though trustworthy actionable toxicity approaches.

The Detoxification Essentials class will cover:

  • What a toxin is, from metals like lead and mercury, to biotoxins from mold and water damaged buildings with a special mention of chronic infection toxins from conditions like Lyme disease.

  • How to identify toxicity,  and why most labs aren’t necessary or useful

  • How to pretox before you detox, so you don’t retox

  • Food and nutrients for detoxification

  • Which herbs you can use to keep your system processing toxins effectively

  • How to detox your home and work environment.

  • How to know if detox is right for you or if it’s not

  • How some detox protocols can harm you-The retox syndrome

  • How to know if your symptoms are likely due to a food allergy, toxin, infection or a combination.

  • How to use detoxification as part of a larger holistic model profoundly affect you health.

And much more!

Come for the introductory class or the 2 class more advanced series.

October 17,  6PM-9PM   Intro and Overview  $35

October 24,   6PM-9PM  2 Class Series            $65

Classes are held at Vital Ways and can be attended live, online.

In addition to the classes, each participant will receive a detailed How-to Pretox Handout and an extensive, comprehensive Detoxification Resources list, plus a bonus Detoxification Herbs and  Binders chart.

2 class series


Introductory class (only 10/17) 


Instructor Bio:

Christopher Smaka is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways.  He is an avid researcher, passionate educator, holistic health practitioner and self-labeled detoxinaut, (or is it detoxiphile?) who spends inordinate amounts of time delving deeply into the research, clinical results, and personal reports of detoxification to continually evolve his abilities to help others and himself live vibrantly in an increasingly toxic world.  

With humility on his quest for truth, he has a penchant for calling BS on the allopathic and holistic narratives, and emphasizes highly critical approaches to examining claims, in order to present the most truthful, actionable, and result-focused information in his classes.