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People are suffering from more digestive symptoms right now than ever. And we now know, that the digestive tract is not just for absorption of essential nutrients which would be important enough, if that was it, BUT the gut also houses 75% of our immune system, and has its own nervous system, called the gut brain that influences the brain in our heads, and our gut produces 90% of our serotonin, our feel good hormones and a host of other essential hormones, plus it houses our microbiome which serves multiple important roles.

So symptoms in the gut, even ones we consider ‘normal’ don’t just reduce our nutrient levels, but they can also relate to even larger issues, such as systemic inflammation,
So any symptoms in the gut may likely go far beyond the gut and can lead to multiple issues including but not limited to systemic inflammation including brain fog, anxiety, depression, autoimmunity and more.
More and more people are accepting gut issues as ‘normal’, but don’t have to.


In this class you’ll learn the exact steps to take to understand and address issues naturally and effectively and you’ll receive two very important handouts that will guide you to understanding not just your own gut but also to help those you care about.


And this class goes far beyond only addressing symptoms only, and empowers you on how to resolve the root cause of what you may be experiencing.


This class can be taken as an individual course, or sequenced into our 3 Essentials of Vital Health which includes Stress and Adaptogens, Healing your Mind, and Detoxification Essentials, How to Thrive in a Toxic World.


In-Person, Online, and Recorded

Christopher Smaka is a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist who specializes in conditions of the digestive tract, gut health, and inflammation and is the director of Vital Ways, a 1-4 year Holistic Herbalist Certificate Training.