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January 23rd

Are you experiencing post-holiday digestive Issues? Did you have these issues even before the holidays began? You aren’t alone. There is an escalating epidemic of chronic digestive issues in America right now.

Digestive issues, from bloating, gas, pain, cramping, to constipation and diarrhea, are such common conditions that many people have come to think that they’re just part of having a digestive tract. Digestive symptoms are a sign that something is wrong and you can do things about it.

Recall that if you have digestive symptoms, then it is extremely likely that you’re not digesting your food optimally. And remember that you’re not what you eat, you are what you digest!

In this class you learn about this digestive health epidemic, and what to do about it as you develop your own gut health plan You’ll learn the right herbal formulas, supplements and even a bit about food that matches your health situation to begin make digestive issues a thing of your past.

Taught by GI Specialist,Christopher Smaka, Director of Vital Ways

Class is available online, in person, and recorded

Bonus Gifts

Just for registering, you’ll receive the Optimized GI Health Herb Chart and Formulary to guide you to choosing the right remedies for your type of GI imbalance PLUS a GI Health Intensive Guide for understanding the system holistically.

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