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Healing your Digestion,

is one of the most important health steps that you can take. In fact, it is often required to do first before healing in any other way as your entire body and mind depends on it.

Your digestion forms, along with your mind, the most important system that you can focus on from a health perspective.

Your digestion is far more than just about taking in nutrients though that is important enough reason to focus on it.  In addition though, digestion is at the intersection of multiple essential bodily systems including your immune system so is related to inflammation and fighting off disease, your nervous system, so it affects you mind, thinking and mood, your endocrine system so it has the power to change your hormones, metabolism, reproduction and every other part of you body.  Your digestive tract is literally and figuratively at the core of who you are, how you feel, and is the basis for your entire health.  And as we know, your health dictates how you show up in this world for those you love, and how and if you achieve your goals and dreams.

So any symptom that persists in your gut, like bloating, cramping, pain, indigestion, nausea or any diagnosis, like IBS, IBD, GERD, is not just a localized to the gut, but literally reaches out to every other place in you body.

Or as we like to joke at Vital Ways, the gut is not Vegas-What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut.

So, not only is digestive health related to what we can digest and assimilate, its far reaching impacts  can make the difference between if we will, or if we won’t have a chronic disease.  Some of the worlds most significant conditions have a direct causal relationship to gut health including cardiovascular health, to depression, autoimmunity, diabetes and so much more.

And right now, as our food quality declines and our gut health worsens, we are facing a legitimate digestive health epidemic.

What was once a system with very few types of common imbalances, mainly indigestion and ulcers, now our digestive tracts are affected by numerous common imbalances including a wide array of symptoms and diagnosis, many of which have sprung up, or gotten incredibly more common in the past 20 years such as inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, leaky gut and chronic digestive issues that don’t resolve no matter what choices you make.

So establishing digestive health is more important now than ever.

At Vital Ways Institute we have been specializing in optimizing digestive health for over a decade and what we’ve seen is that the essential first steps to improving gut health including using herbal remedies, mind-body techniques and optimizing food, are often the most powerful and only one’s required.

If you feel called to learn the essential approaches  to gut wellness and the herbs that can support you, plus get a powerful tool to help guide your usage of them, then this class is right for you.

Heal your gut now with Vital Ways Institute:

February 11, 2021, from 6-9PM PST, online and recorded.


And just for registering you get:

1) Unlimited access to the class recording for 2 months after the class

2)  Vital Ways Institute Digestive Health Optimization Tool


Your Guide on this journey is Christopher Smaka,


director of Vital Ways Institute, who has been deeply immersed in studying Gut Health for the past 2 decades and has guided hundred of people to a more optimized digestion using natural remedies and the wisdom of nature.