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Stress, is one of the leading causes of disease and suffering in the world. And you will definitely experience it throughout your life. How you respond to it, may define your health, and it will absolutely impact you health.

Stress is not new, and the ancient healers knew how to address it very effectively.

Adaptogens have been in use for thousands of years by Ancient Yogis, and practitioners of Ayurveda, as well as Taoist Monks, and practitioners of Chinese Medicine. The deep healing effects of the Adaptogenic herbs, which can work on multiple levels in multiple ways, when properly applied with a holistic approach that includes the mind-body relationship, they can realign our stress response to match our needs rather than taking us on an unwanted roller coast ride.

You can reduce stress, and transform it to being something that you can actually benefit from with the right approach and the skillful us of adaptogens as necessary.

Adaptogens from Ginseng, to Ashwagandha, and Reishi to Rhodiola are very different herbs that are all wonderful for helping with stress but can’t be used interchangeably. Stress shows up different for each person it affects and at each time-Sometimes it causes increased energy and insomnia, at other times fatigue and digestive issues so you can’t always choose the same herb. In this class, you learn how to apply the different adaptogens for the different manifestations of stress as well as apply different mind-body techniques for full person healing.

Special focus is on local free adaptogens digestion effects, anxiety and fatigue, heart function changes, and insomnia.

And just for joining, you’ll receive two Key Handouts that will allow you to approach stress with a whole person effective herbal approach, whether its for you or someone you love.

Online, In-Person and Recorded

For Beginners to Advanced