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*Spaces are limited, register now to reserve your spot as we’re only doing one public walk this season.

Want to go into a magical forest and harvest delicious colorful beautiful fungi at the height of the Incredible Pacific Northwest Mushroom Season?

Join this mushroom walk and learn to safely identify delicious and potent medicinal mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest?  Chris brings his decades long love affair with the fungal kingdom and teaches you how to ID the top 5 edible mushrooms, most commonly encountered medicinals, and the mushrooms to be careful of.  You’re almost guaranteed to return home with yummy edibles, some medicinals and wonderful memories with a group of like minded cool people.

Things taught in this class:

  • Mushroom safety and identification

  • Edibility,  and cooking techniques

  • Lesser known delicious mushrooms that most people overlook

  • Medicinal and Edible Mushroom Resources, and Tools of the Mushroom Forager

  • Mushroom ecology and their potential role in the evolution of our species

Date: October 13th, 930-230

Location: 1 hour from Portland-Carpooling arranged.

Notes: This is an off trail walk through gorgeous mossy forests.  As such participants should be in reasonable hiking shape, and able to crawl over logs, step around slugs, and leap a small creek or two.  And it’s supposed to be sunny that day, so expect rain, and be prepared for wetness.

$50 for the day,and as a bonus you also receive a NW Mushroom bibliography and summaries of the most important medicinals of our region.

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