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June 5th , 2019

Restorative Sleep is as essential to vibrant health, as nourishing food. Insomnia and poor sleep are rampant and as summer approaches, with longer days, and more active schedules, people’s sleep issues usually intensify. In this class you’ll learn how to construct the perfect herbal formulas to match your sleep needs, and how to combine it with an optimized sleep approach to have you sleeping deeply and restoratively again.

Bonus Gifts

Just for registering, you’ll receive a detailed Optimized Sleep Guide that discusses the more advanced and detailed aspects of creating the most restorative sleep possible plus , PLUS the VITAL SLEEP REMEDIES Formulary and Chart that is the one single reference that contains the herbs and supplements you’ll need to address all manner of sleep irregularity.

Class is available online, in person, and recorded

For more information:

Email classes@portlandherbalschool.com

Call 503 914 7908




Spaces are limited so register to reserve yours soon!