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Wednesday Jan 30-Mar 7, 2019
240 for the series
40 for the first class only intro

As the buzz about Ketogenic Diets continues to grow, almost everyone has heard the amazing success stories of people who’ve used it to accomplish their previously considered impossible health goals.

Ketogenic Diet advocates  report increased energy, a clearer mind, lowered pain, and inflammation, a virtual end to food cravings, weight loss success, improvements in numerous symptoms and even improved aging!

Is it true that ketogenic diets and fasting have been used to dramatically reduce the causes of some of the leading diseases of our time including Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s?   Could a well-constructed ketogenic diet be the key to unlocking your vital health and helping you achieve your health goals?

Separate the fact from fiction in this very well researched class. And if you feel called then try it out for yourself in this hand-on personalized Keto and Fat Adaptation community class run by long time Ketogenic Diet follower, Director of Vital Ways, Christopher Smaka.

In this class, you’ll learn why people are raving about this way of eating, with science and personal anecdotes, and you’ll learn the most successful techniques for training your body to burn fat for fuel to optimize health with the least amount of difficulty.

You can join for the knowledge and take away a ton of great information and if you’re feeling that you want to really address your health in 2019,  then you can take the leap with the support and fat adapted, along with the class in this 8 week experience.

Avoid the Keto Flu, shortcut the low energy, food cravings and brain fog, and get straight to the benefits with the least amount of difficulty.

Appropriate for all ways of eating, from Vegan, to Paleo and all points in between.

Class is online, in person and recorded

And just for joining this class you’ll get:

1- A free 50 page keto and fasting essentials handbook

2- An invaluable, highly-researched Keto essentials Resources, Books, Websites, Blogs and Thinkers list so you can dig as deep as you want on any of the topics covered.

3- And as a special added bonus you’ll receive not only the class, the handbook, the keto Essentials Resources Handout, but also a

FREE 30 minute individual consult, with Christopher Smaka, a $100 value.  In it you can get the answers to your particular questions, to help you overcome obstacles and guide you to personalize this way of eating to achieve your unique health goals.

So, is it time to take control of your health, and discover the amazing health benefits of clean burning ketones?

Class starts Wednesday, January 30th and meets each Wednesday from 6-9 for the next 6 Wednesdays.

Classes are in person, online and recorded

Have a friend who might be interested? Receive a $20 discount for each person you refer who pays in full.

For more information:

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