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As unresolved mental-emotional stress reaches epidemic levels, we are facing a crisis of epidemic proportions.

And how you respond to it, may very well be one of the most impactful and defining steps that you take for your health.

This class, Transforming your health, goes beyond teaching you the old and disempowering false narrative that stress is bad and should be avoided.

Stress, as derived from challenge is part of every organisms experience on the earth. It creates a physiological response that supports our ability to rise up to challenge, learn, grow, and even evolve.

Read more about that in our blog here:

We evolved not despite stress, but because of it

Understanding the stress response and its role in our lives, and how we can be empowered to harness it, rather than run away from it, can empower us to make conscious choices that help us to address stress head on,  and either reduce it, or use it to learn, grow and evolve.

And remedies, such a nervines, and adaptogens, the main subjects of these classes, can facilitate our healing and stress transformation.

This class can be taken as single class exploration off the stress response and how Nervines, herbs that work at the mind, can be used to transform stress. And this class can be combined into the Transforming Stress MasterClass 2-Part Series that starts the week before, and focuses on Adaptogens, those ancient tonic remedies that facilitate a healthy physical response to challenges.

Nervines are those herbal remedies that have an effect on the  mind, our mental functioning, and emotions. Each of the 20 or so herbs that we call nervines act differently, so getting to know how to choose between them,  will empower you to be able to have the effect you want.

You’ve probably already heard of some, like Kava, Skullcap, and passionflower but there are probably quite a few that you haven’t such as the amazing remedy, Albizzia, known in China as Collective Happiness Flower, in the picture to the right, because it is one of most effective remedies at increasing an uplifted and happy feeling.


Part 1: $49. Transform Stress with Adaptogens Now-Join Here

Part 2:  $49. Transform Stress with Nervines

Part 1 and 2: $65. Full MasterClass, Stress, Transformation and Evolution, Nervines and Adaptogens