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Are you curious about the possibility of attending a very well respected Holistic Herbal School to study how to help yourself and others heal with medicinal plants, nutrition and holistic lifestyle?

So, you’re interested in finding out if Vital Ways Holistic Herbalist Training Program might be right for you? Thinking about the following questions may give you some more insight into if you think that Vital Ways offers what you are looking for.

  • Would you like to know how to effectively and safely use natural safe and effective medicinal plants for healing?

  • Are you inspired to help others heal naturally?

  • Do you want to be able to identify, harvest and use the plants that grow in your area as powerful medicines?

  • Are you excited to know the wisdom of Ancient Holistic Healers and combine it with the best of cutting edge modern holistic health to facilitate deep and lasting vitality in yourself and others?

  • Are you drawn to nature, and think that plants, and natural principles might offer important answers to the current global health crisis?

  • Have you used herbs to help yourself with a condition or do you know people who have?

  • Are you a professional health practitioner and want more safe and effective tools for your practice?

  • Could you see yourself in a fun and dynamic classroom of interesting, inspiring and health focused people?

At Vital Ways, our very well respected Holistic Herbalist Training Programs, have excellent educators, a flexible schedule, passionate students and is affordable on most budgets. Our programs educate students on traditional and modern herbalism, holistic lifestyle and nutrition. Our school features 4 separate Holistic Herbalist Certificate Programs for people of all levels from beginner to practitioner. Click here to find out more.

Our Education Center offers shorter and medium length evening and weekend classes for the public on many topics related to improving your health holistically. Click here for more information about our public classes.