As we all do our best to navigate the challenges of this very difficult time, we at Vital Ways Institute are increasing our services to meet the rising demand for trustworthy effective holistic healing guidance. 

We feel that this is an incredible opportunity for conscious groups and individuals to make significant changes to our broken systems personally and collectively.

As we’re told to sit back and wait, for a fast-tracked, rushed,  highly invasive and unnatural medical intervention that has questionable safety and effectiveness, we at Vital Ways are taking our health into our own hands.

Here’s what we’re doing:


We are Increasing Our Herbalist Training Offerings to Meet the Rising Demand for Community Healers.  We are Radically Evolving and Improving our ONLINE CLASSES to be MORE Hands-On, and Effective at Getting Students Ready to Face This Crisis and One’s Like it, Even More Quickly.

  • Hand-on and Online.  We’re Sharing herbs by mail, or by appointment in the Apothecary, prior to class so that students can obtain the herbs, and work with them in person at home along with the instructors.
  • Hands-on in the field.  Students are receiving an accelerated plant ID training, to learn the plants in their local areas, their yards, parks, and in their cities and towns, to be able to harvest and use Free Plant Remedies, that surround us.  See a video example of that here: PLANT ID VIDEO. 
  • Recorded for Future Viewing To Ensure Students Don’t Miss Class Time as Responsibilities Shift: We know that right now, as people’s responsibilities have changed, that we are all needing to attend to more in our lives, so students may miss parts of class.  From this point forward, all classes are recorded and uploaded to ensure that students don’t miss any of the class.
  • Increased Meeting Opportunities For Connection and Support: Vital Ways Institute classes have always been 1 weekend per month, to ensure that people with busy schedules can attend.  But in order to ensure that students stay connected and supported during this challenging time, we want to make sure that we connect more often if we can.  We are offering mid-month and more often optional meetings to support our community.
  • Hardship Scholarships and flexible payment options to Increase Access to Those Affected Financially:We have always had low costs for value as we prioritize accessibility and access as key values at Vital Ways, and alongside our Free Community Clinic, Sliding Scale Apothecary Pricing, we are now offering more Hardship Scholarships, and very Flexible Payment Options to meet the rising needs of the community in response to this financial as well as health crisis.

Holistic Herbalism Training Overview:

  • Classes are 1 Weekend Per Month.
  • Online,and Recorded now,  and later In-person, Online and Recorded.
  • Flexible, Affordable, Hands-on, even while online.
  • All Coursework counts towards the academic and clinical requirements for Professional Membership in the American Herbalists Guild, the only professional group for herbalists in the United States.
  • Different Course for all Skill Levels from Beginner to Advanced Practitioners.
  • Taught by some of the most prominent and sought after instructors in the country.


Apothecary and Clinic

We’re continuing to offer the same high quality services that you’ve come to expect in our Clinic and Apothecary:

To ensure that you have access to herbs, supplements, and guidance, Vital Ways Apothecary is open by appointment:

  • Following very careful infection control, social distancing, and quarantine protocols
  • Taking orders by phone, 503 914 7908 and by email
  • Offering FREE 5 Minute Consults to all who need extra guidance and support.
  • Delivering Herbs Curbside, to ensure the most effect distancing and safety.


Research and Development

We are continually researching the latest developments, and updating our approach to helping you take your health into your own hands, to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

If we learn any essential new information that may affect how you approach this condition, we will immediately update our protocol and share with you.

We are committed to staying extremely diligent and committed to carefully scrutinizing all developments as they arise.


You can be empowered to be in control of your health.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.  


To making this challenge a stepping stone to a brighter future.
                                         -Chris and all the faculty and staff of Vital Ways Institute