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//2019 is An Amazing Mushroom Year, Unlike Any in Recent Memory!

2019 is An Amazing Mushroom Year, Unlike Any in Recent Memory!

This year in forests throughout the region, it is one of the most spectacular fungal displays that I’ve seen in over 2 decades of mushroom foraging.

This time of year, deep in the forest, the verdant green mosses that carpet the understory are enlivened, swell and take on an even brighter hue, as the cool autumn air suspends the new moisture as wispy phantom-like mists, that flow and dance like forest spirits and the intermittent sun breaks, highlight the glistening the bright reds, oranges and yellows of Maple, Oregon Grape, and Huckleberry leaves. And the Fungi are awakened.

The mycelia of the fungi, who live mostly silently underfoot as a fungal internet, now in a collective celebration, fruit skyward in incredible numbers, shapes, colors and from every surface, moss, trees, exposed soil, and in even in some instances, other mushrooms.

This grand fungal awakening includes some of the most prized edibles including Boletes, Cauliflowers, Chanterelles, and even the most costly edible mushroom in the world, Matsutakes. And it also includes some of the most potent medicines including Reishi and relatives, Lion’s Manes, Turkey Tails and others including the powerful entheogenic fungi, for those inclined to such things.
The woods always heal, but this time of year, the healing is enhanced by one of nature’s most magnificent gifts, the Fruiting of Fungi. If asked, I’d always recommend that we all head to the forest for deep healing and rejuvenation but now, more than ever.

If you want to do so with us, we’d love to have you join a trip. Come learn about edibles, medicinals, safety and even harvest some for yourself, on our foray on October 12th.


A few spots remain. Its linked above or you can email us at classes@PortlandHerbalSchool.com


About the Author:

Christopher is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways Institute and has been a lover of nature since birth, and a researcher of nature since 1986. He believes that humans have incredibly potential to be healthy and thrive even in the modern world. The main causes for disease and health, are found in a concept he developed, called the Vital 5, History,Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset.