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//Forage for Fall Mushrooms Now with Vital Ways

Forage for Fall Mushrooms Now with Vital Ways

This is the season for mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest!

Lobster mushroom

It’s lobster mushroom, Hypomyces lactifluorum. So yum, in fact, some say it makes a better lobster broth than actual lobsters!

They’re actually not a mushroom at all, but rather a parasitic fungus that grows on another mushroom; usually a Russula brevipes, and then takes it over in a very zombie-like way.

It’s delicious regardless!

Want to learn the ways of foraging and identifying for safety and smart harvesting? Our fall mushroom walks are filling up fast but we still have room.

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Discover Fall Mushroom Foraging In The Pacific Northwest With Vital Ways Director Christopher Smaka
classes @portlandherbalschool.com

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Christopher is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways Institute and has been a lover of nature since birth, and a researcher of nature since 1986. He believes that humans have incredibly potential to be healthy and thrive even in the modern world. The main causes for disease and health, are found in a concept he developed, called the Vital 5, History,Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset.