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//You are not Flawed, Defective or Broken, You live in a Deeply Flawed Society

You are not Flawed, Defective or Broken, You live in a Deeply Flawed Society

In the last century, a brilliant sage in India named Krishnamurti said “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

We live in a profoundly sick society.

So to have feelings that something doesn’t feel quite right, or to have overt symptoms related to health, emotions, or in other ways, is due to this sick society. Imbalances that arise from a deviation from the template of nature’s healing wisdom, is not because we have a defect, or problems with us.

There is nothing wrong with us.

It may in fact represent that something is instead very right with us.

Yet, have you talked to others about your health conditions, physical or emotional, including friends, doctors, NDs, family, only to hear, or feel that they thought that there is something wrong with you?

That you, at your core have a flaw, are imperfect and your issues, stemming from genetics or worse yet, your choices are somehow your fault and you have a problem with you.

The reality is not that.


You are not flawed. Your genes, evolved over 84000 generations, have overcome enormous challenges, and you are the vital, vibrant outcome. However, you live in a profoundly sick society.

Nature provides us with all that we need to thrive. For most of our time on this orb we humans lived in a pristine environment which included organic nutrient dense food, close-knit community, amazing pure water and air, sunlight, light in the daytime, darkness at night and abundant exercise. In these circumstances we flourished in body, mind and spirit.

But now in the modern world these conditions no longer exist. For most people they are difficult, costly, inaccessible, and otherwise challenging or impossible to obtain. And the consequence of living in this relatively new modern reality is from a health perspective, an escalating epidemic of chronic disease and declining vitality. And from a larger global perspective this foregoing of nature’s vital template has led to dysfunctional societies and an endangering of our entire planet.

So my goal, as a director of Vital Ways, and perennial student of nature’s healing wisdom is to help guide, and educate people on this basic truth as we look at the specific of each individuals veering


About the Author:

Christopher is the Founder and Director of Vital Ways Institute and has been a lover of nature since birth, and a researcher of nature since 1986. He believes that humans have incredibly potential to be healthy and thrive even in the modern world. The main causes for disease and health, are found in a concept he developed, called the Vital 5, History,Nutrition, Lifestyle, Environment and Mindset.