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Exploring the ways we can encourage ourselves to feel truly human

Welcome to the Vital Ways Blog:

An exploration of all thing related to living an optimized and vital life. In this series of posts, video blogs, links, references and written ramblings, we’ll touch on topics that relate to the universals of a healthy life, balanced and optimized.

Vitality Defined:

As a vague word with diverse meanings, its important for our desire to understand one another to define what is meant by the word Vitality. Asking people what it means to be truly vital elicits a range of different responses that mainly fall in to similar categorical themes: In our community, the main themes that emerged, which are being used to guide this blog, can be divided into a few key categories.

  • Physically to feel energized and enlivened indicated by the ability to accomplish our actions of choice with invigoration and without undue fatigue

  • Mentally to have cognitive functioning that is able to process ideas effectively, organize diverse ideas efficiently, and to learn and retain information easily.

  • Emotionally to rest in a place of mostly content, engaged and calm emotionality, despite outward stresses or difficulties

  • Overall to feel the above as the positive side of vitality and simultaneously to feel free of excessive physical and emotional unpleasantness. It’s not human to go through life without challenge, discomfort, tension and a broad spectrum of physical and emotional experience. It is in fact these types of impetuses that can be great catalysts for important transformation and evolution, but when physical and emotional struggle are.

Criterion – How we’ll get to this place of more optimized health

Our topics explored will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Transformative: Our goal is to achieve a higher level of functioning in mind and body to transform our lives to more a livable state.

  • Actionable: Each post will contain content aimed at direct impact on achieving a higher level of functioning.

  • Impactful: The focus of these topics is on those areas, that are most pertinent, and have the most impact. Investing little of our precious time to get large results is the tendency of

  • Accessible: The impactful and actionable nature of our topics won’t be translatable to our active evolution if they are beyond our abilities to enact, obtain, afford, or maintain. Therefore, everything that we discuss will be able to be enacted by the average person at modest income levels. When it’s not, I’ll try to add modifications, shortcuts and other ways to ensure that this information is enact able for as many people as possible. I ask for your assistance here too, so please do leave helpful feedback to ensure that accessibility is maintained if you think of something helpful to contribute.

  • Contributive, not Detractive: This blog is envisioned and intended to improving your experience in this human life, not to detract by causing you excessively unpleasant challenges, suffering or a loss of pleasure. While we’re discussing this, can we mention that pleasure is just one state of mind, and though it’s important to experience, it is often mistakenly equated with happiness, or contentment. Our goal is to not deny pleasure but rather to increase vitality.
    What Calvinistic subtext does our society subscribe to when we have the false believe that to be healthy we needed to deny ourselves pleasure. Living vitally brings about more pleasure, more peace, contentment, energy and richer experiences. So, a common criticism from those not interested or engaged in vital living, is that they don’t want to ‘give up’ or forego so activity, event, food such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle, or nightly ice cream as it would decrease their experience of pleasure. These events do give a momentary indulgence with complicated reward physiology/psychology which can seem pleasurable base on our current societal narrative, but if they reduce our physical energy, mental clarity, leads to dramatic fluctuations in our mood then are they giving us pleasure or impeding our pleasure. It is not hard to see them as a dramatic net loss of pleasure and contentment, but this truth is obscured in various ways.