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Herbalism at Vital Ways

What is Herbalism?

Botanical medicine, phytotherapy or as most of us who use the term refer to it, Herbalism is the use of plants as medicine.

This simple description just doesn’t seem adequate, as it belies the essential role that plants have had in human history, and that they continue to have as powerful healing agents in virtually every country in the world.

Using plants as medicine is one of the oldest approaches to healing recorded, with clear descriptions of medicinal plants in the Eber’s Papyrus circa 1550 BC and non-written evidence dating back 60,000 years to the Neanderthal Shanidavar cave in Iraq.

In Western Herbalism, (the type practiced in Europe and North America), there are roughly 300-500 plants or more in current use.

At Vital Ways Apothecary, our public education center, and herb and supplement shop, we stock roughly 325 different herbal preparations. If you combine these remedies, as we do in practice, the number of permutations possible is staggeringly large, which allows for a wide range of usage and an extensive degree of precision, specificity and nuance that is unavailable to virtually all other types of medicine.

Holistic Herbal School: Our 1-3 year Holistic Herbal School provides comprehensive herbal and holistic health education at an affordable price, in a flexible schedule with a wonderful community of inspiring students.

Free Clinic: Our clinics provide Holistic Herbal Consultations.

Public Classes: Our Education center offers short and longer term evening and weekend classes for the public on a wide range of herbalism and health topics.

Apothecary: Our public Apothecary provides well sourced herbs, supplements and holistic health knowledge for the public.

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