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Holistic Health at Vital Ways

At Vital Ways, we view each student, client and customer as an empowered, unique whole person that is comprised of many different interdependent components including their personality, physiology, genetics, mental-emotional patterns, history, culture, appearance, and much more that is influenced by, amongst other things, their food, sleep, internal and external environment, social relationships, and sense of purpose.

With this holistic perspective, Vital Way’s herbalists create unique, comprehensive health protocols that take all these factors into account.

We practice, teach and train people on this model of holistic health as we see that it is the most useful and effective way to empower them to not only reduce any symptoms they may be experiencing, but more importantly to shift the course of their lives towards a lasting, vibrant and vital state of health.

Holistic Health, Synergy, and Individuality at Vital Ways

At Vital Ways, our holistic approach specifically focuses on the synergistic combination of the following:

  • Herbalism: Botanical Medicine

  • Nutrition: Food as Medicine

  • Mind-Body Medicine: Mental Emotional Health

  • Holistic Lifestyle

Each of these topics, works synergistically with the others, meaning that they work even better together, then the contribution of each alone. As an example, nutrition improvements can help everyone, but when nutrition is combined with mind-body exercises, nutrients absorb better, and the mind is more centered and focused from having a better nutritional profile. So though each is very valuable on its own, they both are dramatically more effective in combination.

Herbalists at Vital Ways are highly skilled at understanding how to design holistic protocols with in depth knowledge of these 4 topics plus advanced evaluation skills and a holistic method of practice. In this way, each client’s individuality is supported and their strengths and deficiencies are considered to create the most effective personalized individual strategy for empowering them on the path to vibrant health.

Medicinal plants that grow wild in our fields, forests, mountains and deserts, and that are cultivated in our gardens and farms have a long history of successful use as medicine by people from the around the globe. In addition, abundant modern scientific and clinical data demonstrate how potent, powerful and effective plants are at improving health. Medicinal herbs are also natural, affordable, accessible, generally non-toxic, and are easily recognized and utilized by our bodies. At Vital Ways, we specialize in teaching people how to use medicinal plants effectively and safely to improve their health holistically. Click here to learn more.

Food as medicine: What people eat can be powerful medicine, capable of dramatically shifting complex disease states and contributing to vibrant health, or it can be a toxic poison that is a significant contributing factor to disease. The deep nourishment and energy that healthy food provides is essential to our well-being. At Vital Ways, we have several programs, classes and other opportunities that can help you improve your nutrition, and take advantage of the amazing health benefits of eating vital food, in a way that doesn’t interrupt your busy schedule. Click here to learn more.

Mental-Emotional Balance: Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom both agree that our thought patterns, feelings and emotions have a strong influence on our health. we have seen that mental state has both the power to heal and to harm. We empower people with easily learnable, modern and traditional approaches to achieving emotional and mental balance, to transform stress and anxiety and reach deeper and more profound levels of health. At Vital Ways, we have many ways to get involved and learn more about mind-body medicine. Click here to learn more.

Holistic Lifestyle:

It is no secret that many of the elements of our modern lifestyles are significant contributors to the escalating epidemic of declining health and increased incidence of disease. Consider artificial light, water pollution, sedentary habits, devitalized food, stressful driving conditions: Each of these, and of course there are many more, is implicated in causing reduced levels of health even as the impact will vary from person to person and even vary in the same person depending on what else is happening with them. All of the listed modern lifestyle factors is also, fairly easily modifiable so that if you know why and how, you can alter them to positively affect your health. At Vital Ways, we teach and guide people on how to create healthy lifestyles, identify what may be impeding their health and then how to mediate or reduce the impacts, all while continuing to live and thrive in the modern world. Click here to learn more.

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