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Mind-Body Medicine

At Vital Ways we view the many facets of health, vitality, and wellbeing as interconnected and interdependent. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health have powerful influence over each other and when considered together, give us the most accurate picture of the whole person.

Traditional Meets Modern at Vital Ways

The mind-body relationship, was well understood thousands of years ago, and was given significant attention in traditional medical systems. Modern science is finally catching up to the wisdom of the ancients, as emergent research on the mind-body relationship is rapidly progressing to the point of revolutionizing the fields of psychology, immunology, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology and more.

At Vital Ways, we believe it is essential that our herbalists are trained in a cross-disciplinary manner that respects and utilizes this understanding. We place a strong emphasis on integrative support for mental/emotional wellbeing, combined with clinical nutrition and traditional and modern herbal medicine. In addition, we have coursework on conventional mental health treatment strategies, positive psychology, eco-psychology, neuroscience research, cognitive optimization and more.

Through this in-depth holistic training, our Vital Ways trained herbalists leave our program having a sophisticated, grounded and balanced confidence with strategies and skillsets that are not only research supported, but also profoundly transformative for themselves and their clients.

Our Unique Mind-Body Focused Curriculum:

Combining their integrative backgrounds, Herbal School Co-founder, Owner and Director of Vital Ways, Christopher Smaka and school Co-Founder, and faculty member Hanna Jordan, LCSW, have co-created a specific mind-body curriculum, as part of the program’s Holistic Curricula that is unique in its depth and breadth of supporting the increasingly complex health needs of the modern person.

Mind-Body, and Herbal Mental Health Curriculum architect Hanna Jordan, LCSW brings her 10+ years of experience as a mental health therapist, holistic herbalist, mind-hacker, and more recently Heart Rate Variability instructor.

Program Director, Christopher Smaka, has studied mind-body medicine, in multiple ways for nearly 2 decades, has a degree in western psychology, and has studied meditation, yoga, Tai Qi, and Chi Gong, in the US, China and India. His main area of interest in this field is the facilitation of mind-body harmony and balance, within the constraints of a busy modern lifestyle.

If you are intrigued and want to find out more, we have several programs, classes and opportunities for you, including:

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