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When food is correct, medicine is of no need,
when food is incorrect, medicine is of no use

                                        – Ayurvedic saying

Over the course of each of our lives, we dedicate a significant portion of our time and energy to thinking about, obtaining, preparing and consuming food.

Is, as our dominant fast food culture maintains, the seemingly simple act of eating that we often take for granted, just an opportunity to satisfy a craving, temporarily stop a hunger feeling or only a way to get a momentary feeling of pleasure?

Or is food, and the nutrition it provides more important, impactful and powerful in our lives?

Have you experienced the positive health impacts of changing what you eat?

Do you know someone who has dramatically changed their lives by changing their food choices?

Food as Medicine:

In some ways, science is finally catching up to traditional wisdom by demonstrating what we’ve always known: Proper food confers health, and improper food leads to disease.

Evidence is coming out at an increasing rate that poor nutrition is at least partially to blame for a host of chronic disease from the obvious ones like obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes to the less obvious ones, like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and autoimmunity.

From simple foods, such as broccoli and blueberries, to nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, to phytonutrients like glucobrassicin and polyphenols, food, and the constituents it contains have powerful proven ability to positively alter our physiology. Now, we even understand that food choices are so powerful that they change us at the deepest level of our genetics by altering genetic expression!

What do you think? If food is so powerful that it can literally reverse a serious illness, and when incorrect it can bring on a serious illness, all while altering our genetic expression, then would you consider it more accurately thought of, like Hippocrates did, and as we do at Vital Ways, as medicine?

At Vital Ways, we see that when a person is empowered with the knowledge, skills and support to improve their nutrition, then the changes in their food lead to dramatic transformations in health, ranging from a reduction of symptoms, to an increase in energy, and improvement in mood and cognitive function.

When nutrition is not addressed, we have seen that even the best herbal strategies, supplements and protocol have limited effectiveness.

For this reason, in our School, Education Center, Apothecary and Clinics, nutrition is a core component of our comprehensive Holistic Health approach.

Traditional Wisdom meets Modern Science at Vital Ways

In addition to considering Food as Medicine, and as an essential component of our holistic approach to deep and lasting health, we also use the best of Traditional Medicine’s take on food, including those of the Greeks, Chinese and Ayurvedic, and their focus on understanding that each person has a changing dietary milieu, that they referred to as energetics, and that we can now understand as dynamic bio-individuality. At Vital Ways,we combine this traditional wisdom with the leading edge of modern nutritional research for a synergistic approach of traditional meet modern holistic health.

Do you think that your food choices are holding you back from being healthier, happier and more fulfilled?

Would you like to learn more trustworthy, non-biased nutrition knowledge and skills to improve your health?

Have you been trained in health or nutrition and want to evolve your skills and tools to help your clients and loved ones improving their nutrition?

Would you like to be part of supportive, inspiring community of like-minded health conscious people to share healthy eating ideas and strategies?

We have several opportunities for you to learn more including: