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Would you like to improve your health or address a health challenge in a way that is natural and lasting?

So, you’re thinking that you might want to naturally improve your health? Considering the following questions may give you more insight into if Vital Ways offerings are right for you.

  • Are you struggling with your health and feel as if there are natural approaches that would help if you only knew what they were and had support of knowledgeable people?

  • Do you have a chronic condition, like fatigue or foggy thinking, that is impeding your social life, getting in the way of your work or holding you back from reaching your potential?

  • Have you tried mainstream approaches to feeling better and found that they didn’t give you the health that you wanted?

  • Do you have little time or money to spare, and think that ‘holistic health’ can often be too expensive and take a lot of time?

  • Would you like to find trustworthy, effective ways to help yourself feel more healthy, centered and energized?

  • Do you want to be more naturally healthy but don’t want to be considered weird, judged or ostracized by your friends or family for making healthy choices?

  • Do you want to have the support of a community of like-minded people?

  • Are you interested in attending classes or groups taught by passionate holistic health, herbalism and nutrition experts focused on helping you feel better, healthier and more fulfilled?

At Vital Ways, we specialize in educating and empowering people with trustworthy, affordable and effective natural health within a supportive and inspirational community. We have many ways for people to begin to take steps towards greatly improving their health naturally. These are some of what we offer:

  • 1. A multi-year School dedicated to teaching students how to work with herbalism, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle to be more deeply and profoundly healthy and to help others do the same. Click here for more information about our School.

  • 2. An Education Center that offers short evening and weekend public classes on many topics related to improving your health. Click here for more information about our public classes.

  • 3. A Free Clinic: Our very well trained student practitioners conduct extensive free holistic health consultations to help clients transform their health. In the Vitality Clinic, clients receive holistic evaluations and consultations by our very experienced professional clinical herbalists. Click here for more information about our clinics.

  • 4. An Apothecary that is a great place to talk about natural health and get information, herbs and supplements specifically put together for you from qualified professionals to optimize your health. Click here for more information about our Apothecary.

  • 5. A Vibrant dynamic inspiring community of like-minded people who value holistic health is welcoming to everyone regardless of background, gender, religion or worldview.