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VITAL WAYS is a 1 to 3 Holistic Herbalism School that offers 4 separate certificate programs.  Our programs empower and educate students with the knowledge and abilities to work safely and effectively with the wisdom of nature to facilitate deep healing in themselves and others through the use of herbal medicine, nutrition, and holistic lifestyle.

Vital Ways has trained over 800 students in the past 10 years and is proud to be a national leader at the forefront of advanced holistic herbalism.

At VITAL WAYS, we believe that a person’s natural state is thriving and healthy, not just free of disease symptoms. 

We see that regardless of someone’s current level of health, if taught to unlock their natural healing potential, everyone can make important progress on theit path to health and vibrancy.

Vital Ways is a Proud Member School of the American Herbalist Guild, the only professional group for Herbalists in the United States.

Whether you want to learn herbalism and holistic health to help yourself and your family, or you want to pursue a career in herbalism as a practitioner, teacher, medicine maker, apothecary owner etc., we have the perfect class for you, with a flexible schedule at an affordable cost with a highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty and a great community of students.

The School offers four Holistic Clinical Herbalist Certificate programs that require between one and three years of coursework. Our courses of study are for people of all levels, interests, and abilities from beginner to advanced clinic practitioners.

*The Education Center offers shorter term evening and weekend classes; click here to find out more about our non-certificate, open enrollment classes.

For students with no prior experience.

In the Roots program you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to holistic herbalism in an affordable, flexible, weekend program. Topics include: Traditional and modern use of medicinal plants, wild plant identification, essentials of nutrition, stress management, herbal formulation, detoxification, medicine making, holistic evaluation skills and much more. The Roots program is our condensed introduction program.
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For students with no prior experience.

In the Foundation Program,  you’ll learn traditional and modern herbalism, essentials of nutrition, detoxification, and practice skills in this affordable, flexible, weekend program.  In this program we cover wild plant identification, digestive wellness, stress and emotional health, herbal formulation, detoxification, medicine making, holistic evaluation skills and much more to get you prepared to help yourself and others heal, and if you want, to take steps towards being a leader in the holistic health field.

The Foundation program is our longer introduction program.

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For students with one year of holistic herbalism, nutrition or health training who are seeking advanced and in-depth modern and traditional herbalism, nutrition, and mind-body medicine training. This course trains students in traditional and progressive holistic health.
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For students with advanced holistic health training who want to work with clients in our FREE COMMUNITY  CLINIC under the supervision of our clinic faculty.

Clinical Practicum Students are guided and supported to practice their clinical herbalist skills in our Free Clinic.  Students do holistic consultations, create protocols, manage cases and more, under the close supervision and mentorship of our clinic faculty. To learn more, click here.

Program Features

Our classes are taught by some of the most sought after herbalists, nutritionists, and mind body medicine experts from the Northwest and around the country.

Our classes are an exciting, dynamic and inspiring blend of small group practice, discussions, lectures, hands-on exercises, clinic work and field work, that keep students engaged, evolving and learning in a supportive learning community.

Our programs are structured to provide a complete and comprehensive education and still accommodate people with busy schedules, and/or who live outside the area and travel to our classes.


Each school program meets 1 weekend per month for 8-9 months.

We offer our programs at a great value to ensure that the classes are accessible to people with various backgrounds and resource levels. Payment plans are available to qualified students.

Our school places the highest priority on practical real world experience-based holistic health. Our faculty are practitioners, clinical supervisors and experienced herbalists who share the wisdom they’ve learned from their clinical experience as well as their study. Our students gain extensive guided and supervised experience with healing plants, nutrition and clients so that they develop their abilities through their practice as opposed to just hearing or reading about it.

Vital Ways strives to teach, and share holistic health information with integrity, authenticity, and a continual striving for truth. Our faculty are continually evolving their knowledge and skills, testing all their ideas to ensure the information shared is of the greatest trustworthiness and usefulness.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and ages, and are an inspiring, engaging and supportive group of like-minded people, dedicated to holistic herbalism, health, healing and education.

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To find out more, feel free to send us an email, give us a call, or stop in to the Center, and Apothecary to have an inspiring chat, experience a class, get a tour, or to pick up some much needed herbs or supplements.

Our herbalist training program, while providing a certificate of completion & recognition with successful completion of all course requirements does not provide any professional degree or a license to practice medicine, diagnose illness /disease, or prescribe medications. All information on this site and in our courses is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical care or medical advice. Rather, our school is founded on the belief that the understanding of herbal traditions, medicinal properties of plants, and the skills of using herbal preparations for self, family, friends, and the community, are important traditions passed down to us through the generations, and are essential to the individual and collective well-being of all people.

Our Location

We are located in the very lively NE Alberta Arts district at 2714 NE Alberta street, surrounded by food, art galleries, cute unique shops, coffee houses and true Portland culture.

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