Vital Ways is a 1-3 year Holistic Clinical Herb School, Free Clinic, Herb Store and Education Center

At Vital Ways we empower others with Traditional and Modern Herbal Wisdom, Nutrition, and Holistic Lifestyle to achieve deep and lasting health in body, mind and spirit

Classes We Offer in 2019

In-Person and Online Options

Now Registering for the 2019 Roots, Foundation and Advanced Holistic Herbalist Certificate Programs!

Flexible, Affordable, Comprehensive

Beginner Herbalist Training

Vital Ways has two programs for those who are new to holistic herbalism:

Topics Covered in Each Course:

  • Herbal Medicine from Traditional and Modern Perspectives

  • Plant Identification and Wildcrafting

  • Foundations of Nutrition

  • Holistic Evaluation, Tongue and Pulse Evaluation

  • Ethnobotany

  • And much more!

Each can be taken as stand alone courses or as part of the multi-year Holistic Clinical Herbalist Program.

Advanced Herbalist Certificate

The Advanced Holistic Herbalist Certificate Program at Vital Ways is for students who have at least one year of formal holistic herbalism study, and would like to expand, evolve and deepen their abilities and skills with advanced study of:

  • Advanced Herbalism

  • Holistic Physiology and Pathophysiology

  • Advanced Nutrition Protocols and Practices

  • Complete Clinical Practice Skills from Interview to Protocol

  • Business Skills For the Holistic Herbalist

Clinic Practicum

Our 3rd year Holistic Herbalist Clinic Practicum is for graduates of our Advanced Program.

3rd year Clinic Practicum Students perform all the tasks of a Clinical Herbalist in our Free Clinic, under the supervision of our clinical faculty, including:

  • Perform Clinical Interviews,with Clients in our Free Clinic

  • Analyze Cases, Nutrition, and Health History

  • Develop Herbal, Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle Protocols

  • Research Health Topics, and engage in knowledge sharing with peers, and faculty

  • Empower and support clients to overcome challenges and achieve transformational health change


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Community Classes:

We have short evening and weekend classes open to the public by our expert faculty on a wide range of topics including:

  • Herbalism

  • Holistic lifestyle

  • Nutrition

Click HERE for more information and HERE to sign up to receive class announcements.

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Your health is your top priority. Want to make it ours? If you have a question about natural holistic approaches to health, then send it to us and our clinical herbal faculty will answer one per week. Your questions will guide the blog, so don’t be bashful and take control of your health. [...]

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“Vital Ways has been the most positively impactful program in my educational pursuits in nutrition, herbalism and wellness with each year adding another deep and important layer to my knowledge and skills. It has provided me with the ability to use herbs and nutrition with a methodology and structure to help clients with confidence. It has been invaluable and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Farrah, Class of 2016

“I received an amazing education at Vital Ways that gave me new perspectives, and abilities with herbs and mental-emotional healing. Chris and the rest of the educators have the deepest integrity for healing and led the way with their commitment and passion for holistic health. I couldn’t be more thankful that I found, and was able to attend this program.”

Lila, Class of 2015

“This class changed me from the inside-out. I never dreamed I could make such progress so quickly. I achieved permanent results and gained knowledge that will last me a lifetime. “

Celeste, Class of 2016

“My time at Vital Ways deepened my understanding of holistic health and nutrition,gave me a sense of connection and fostered deep personal growth.”

Amelia, Class of 2016

At Vital Ways, we have many opportunities, classes, programs, and other fun and interesting ways with something for just about everyone wanting to deepen their understanding of holistic health, herbalism, and vital health.